Covet Sleep Schedules At All Costs

We are going to touch on sleep schedules. If there is anything I can tell you and you take to heart is to covet sleep schedules and stick to sleeping times the best you can.  I learned the hard way how important it is and was able to figure it out.

I abide by my son’s sleeping routine and covet the sleep schedule we created. There have been times that I have told people that we had to leave early or not attend certain events to be able to stand by the sleep schedule. The reason I have done this is that I have found that when he sleeps well we all have a great day.  That is more important to me than being afraid to offend someone or “miss out.”  Sorry friends you know how that goes!


When my son was born, he was an excellent sleeper for a newborn.


It is necessary for children growing up that they sleep.  Sleep is crucial for growth and development. It is important for the whole family to sleep for many reasons.  For a happy family, it is also important for mommies and daddies to have some alone time when the kids go to bed.  But that is a different article.

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We Need To Let Our Kids Be Kids



“What happened to the days like we had growing up?” We need to let our kids be kids like we were.

When we were young we came home from school, did our homework and then went out to play in the neighborhood on our own! We would stay out until we were cold, hungry or the street lights came on.  My parents were always close by or at least a yell away! Parents never hovered or became a helicopter.  They didn’t expect to see you while you were out playing.

“Kids still need the freedom to think for themselves”

As children, we explored, fought, negotiated, made peace and learned things on our own.  We socialized and had clubs with meetings that we created.  Most of the time, we got dirty, sometimes scraped up and did silly things that kids do like hop fences and climb trees.  We thought for ourselves. What a concept!  Kids need to learn how to be responsible for themselves.

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I Will Not Miss These Stages When They Are Gone!

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No, I Will Not Miss These Stages When They Are Gone!

I am in awe and astounded by all the developments that my son has gone through.

There was a time when he was snuggling with me on the couch just a little thing. He was all warm and smelt wonderful. It is a great memory. I remember him rolling over, discovering himself in the mirror, realizing there was more to explore. As a result, everything was wonderful and new in his eyes.

“All of those moments and stages I will remember
but I don’t mourn or feel loss over them.”

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