About Me And My Why

I am a mom.  I need to be a mom to write this blog.  It would be silly if I weren’t.  You are going to read about me being a mom to a little boy and all the adventures we run into.  You are also going to read my opinions on the advice, news, suggestions, comments, misguided opinions, trials, tribulations, joy and happiness that comes with being a parent.

I started this blog because I needed a way to talk about my adventures in parenting.  I have anxiety and depression, but I make it work every day.  I have an odd view on the world that I share with everyone and anyone who wants to listen.  So far I have been able to keep my kid, cats, and turtle alive.  Please don’t ask me to watch your plants they are guaranteed to die!

I am married to a wonderful husband who is the complete opposite of myself.  He also is a great sounding board for all of my nonsense and opinions that I have in life.

There are things that I will write about have meaning to me. Some you may not like or some you will also have a strong opinion.  Please share comments and opinions appropriately.  I welcome and want to hear all opinions and questions.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart.  If you have been parenting for a long time, short time, to a herd of children or to only one this blog may be interesting to you.  You will find somethings that you will relate to and some you will have no want to read even.  I just want to get it all out there.  Someone somewhere will relate to something on here.  If I can bring joy, guidance or just strength in knowing you are not the only one I have made my goal!

We Will Survive!

Good Luck,