Disciplining Children In Public

Society kills me.  Everyone has something to say about everything especially children and parenting.  Including myself.  You watch around you while you are out with your children to pick up tips from other parents as well as what not to do according to your values.




I am a mother of a little boy who can be stubborn (just like me) but generally very good.  His biggest problem is keeping his hands to himself. We go into public places like stores and doctor appointments, and he needs to touch everything.  Partly curiosity and partly because he can since he isn’t confined to a stroller or shopping cart.  The big question that I get all the time from parents and non-parents alike is how do you discipline in public without the judgements?  I say I don’t care since they don’t live with me and I have to live with my son.

My husband and I take the approach that we will not raise a hellion.  I want him to try things and experiment.  It is good for kids to be curious.  To me though there is a time and place for everything.  I don’t want him to be that kid in the store.  (I know that was a little judgement on my part) But we all know that kid.  As a parent, I know that is probably isn’t due to bad parenting or neglect.  The bad behaviour can stem from multiple things, but the parent is so afraid of society’s judgements that they hesitate.  I say stand up!  Discipline and correct your child!  I am not saying you need to beat them, but you need to keep the structure you work so hard for going.

Children need structure.  Children need boundaries. As parents we teach them how far is ok and how far is not.  They need to know how to act in public correctly.  Parents are allowed to teach their children.  Other parents need to keep to their own children.  No one is perfect at parenting, and no child is exactly the same.  Stick to your own!

I have read so many articles with parents judging, berating or condoning a punishment.  Since when do we need justification to help our children be good people and not hellions.  I am trying to stay away from the “mommies” that know everything.  I am not a perfect parent, but I try to be realistic.

You know your child and what they need.  Forget what everyone else is doing.  This is your life and your family.  Stand firm in your beliefs.  I won’t judge you; I will stand in your corner!

How do you handle disciplining your children in public?  Do you let the behaviour go or address it right away?  Let me know in the comments below.

We will survive!


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