Potty Training Is For The Birds!

Right off I am going to tell you that I despise potty training.  We are in the depths of learning, and I am stressed out!

Potty training has to be one of the toughest acts of growing a child has to go through.  First, you take away their bottles.  If you do it young, enough I learned it isn’t so bad.  Then you take away the pacifier.  The one thing in most kids lives that brings them comfort, and you strip it from them.  Then you tell that they have to use this tiny little chair with a pot in it or this loud, giant, cold thing with water in it.  How intimidating that must be.

potty training birds

I was offered a lot of advice.  I waited until my son was older, hoping that it would be a little easier since he can understand more.  Nope, not so much!  I waited too long.  He reasons with me about it. He will ask me why he needs to stop playing and go on the potty.  How do you answer that to a kid that has for the last four years pooped in his pants?  He was in control of his body.  Now I have to reason with him that this is a better alternative.  Yeah right!

I read so many articles to see that spark that will flip the switch in his brain.  Something that I could say that will just work and he will understand.

I read articles about training in three days.  I am not sure which kids were being trained that quickly, but I would love to see that in action.  I was told to start a sticker chart.  I did, and he would rather stick stickers on himself or the cat.  I tried buying a toy and leaving it for him to see it as an incentive.  Nope, he would kiss it every day and tell me how he couldn’t wait to play with it.  I told him just go on the potty, and he can have it.  He told me that I could bring it back to the store, and he will buy it another time.  Damn!

I left him in pull ups longer so he could feel the wet.  He told me he didn’t mind it that the pee loved diapers.  I explained to him about rashes and that he wouldn’t have them any longer, and he told me that was ok he was brave, and the medicine will heal them.  I tried naked, just underwear, offering if he wanted to pee on something like a tree but nothing.  I was concerned that my boy wasn’t going to go on the damn toilet.

I tried everything from bribery to taking things away ( not punishment but incentives to get them back) and nothing.

I gave up and cried!

A week later he asked me about the potty again.  I offered to take him to try.  He said ok.  I was astonished!  He peed and thought it was so funny to watch it come out.  Success!  A small battle won! He regularly pees now on the potty.

But this was only a battle, not the war.  Today we still haven’t pooped.  He wakes up and poops in the pullup then comes and wakes me.  I know, I know.  Wake up before him.  I have tried.  He just wakes earlier.  It is a conspiracy.

So to wrap this up, I hate potty training, and I know that he will get it in time.  I praise the people who have done this over and over again with success.  Apparently, I am not that mother.  But I will lick my wounds and celebrate my victories no matter how small.  I also will continue to appreciate and love my smart kid for having an answer for everything.  Moral of the story:  Trust that your kid will do it in their own time and their own way.

Please share potty training stories, so I know I am not the only one!

We will Survive!

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