I Say No To My Kid Every Day And You Should Too

We all hear it on the web and in the news that we are living in an entitled world.  That is nothing new.  Other countries can’t stand the USA because we come off as so entitled.  But all of the stereotype and assumptions doesn’t mean we actually have to live that way or raise our kids that way.

I read a lot of articles of making sure you are always present with your child, give them all of your time; they are only little once and GUILT GUILT GUILT!  I am over it.  I have started saying NO! No I will not play right now, no you cannot have cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  No, you can’t chase the cat because it is funny.  No, you cannot draw on the walls.  I am over it.

I say no because that is my job.  I gave birth to this kid and love him with everything I have, but I am going to raise him to be an independent adult.  How would I ever be able to accomplish that if he doesn’t learn to be independent?

I know I know I am the meanest mother in the world.  I say no when he asks me to play with him, and I say now when he wants the 15th snack before dinner.  What you don’t know is that I have played with him for the last 2 hours and taken care of his every question and need.  You are four kid it is time that you played on your own!

My child is very entertained and has more of a social life than I do, but there is a limit.  If I don’t say no, he will not know boundaries.  How will he learn to use his imagination to entertain himself?  He will not know when to stop or worse become an entitled twit.  I don’t want that for him, so I say NO a lot.

I am lucky in the fact that my son knows that I love him.  I don’t yell at him, but I do tell him that he doesn’t need me right now.  I am not here to be his entertainer I am his mother.  I am here to love, guide, protect and teach.  I am not his personal playmate from morning till night.

Keep this in mind when you realize that you child is demanding of you. Do you want them to depend on you that much? When they are 30 and living in your basement playing video games will you still want them to be dependent on you?  Parenting is a balance.  Sometimes a slippery slope.  No manuals so try and try again until it feels right.

We Will Survive!




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