To My Neighborhood Moms

To My Neighborhood Moms,


I hear your frustration in the mornings trying to get your children to school.  I hear your anger when you have asked your children many times to clean up.  I hear your patience failing after you have asked your children to quiet down for the 10th time in 10 minutes.  That is normal and will happen.  What I ask you to stop doing is yelling at the top of your lungs at them.  I ask you to stop swearing at them when they don’t listen.

Neighborhood moms

Your children are little emotional beings.  They are not aware or mature enough to control their emotions.  As you yell they get more upset.  You as the adult should be able to control your emotions.  You are the adult.  You are the role model.  You are the person they are learning from and the more you yell, swear and get abusive the more your children think this is the way to handle life.

As you know that your children will mimic you.  I hear them in the yards yelling and berating each other.  They are scolding one another in play.  They are swearing and I am not sure they even now what they are saying to one another.

I am not judging you.  I am a mom as well and sometimes lose my cool.  What I am asking is stop your habit.  This is your habit.  This is how you are reacting every time.  The walls and windows are thin.  I hear more than I ever want to.  I am sure you hear us as well.

Remember, your children will remember how they felt before they remember the words.  They will think that this is the way to raise little ones.  There are better ways.

Anyway aren’t you tired of always yelling.  Aren’t you tired of always being stressed?  There is a large toll on your own body when you are tense and screaming at your children.

All I ask, for everyone’s sanity, is to breathe.  Take a step back and see if there are other ways to handle the same situation that you are dealing with every day.  Insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result.  It is true.  Give yourself a break!

We will survive.

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